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“Sending over 4,000 students a year on no-cost field trips!”



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ArtsConnection is created in the belief that every student deserves a well-rounded education that includes the arts.

ArtsConnection’s goal is to foster intellectual, social, creative, and emotional growth for Temecula’s adults of tomorrow.

  • Shows are intended for teacher or coordinator registration only.  

  • Charter & Home School need to coordinate through 1 contact and limit chaperones.

  • Please include the total number for ALL seats:  students, teachers, aides & chaperones.

  • Transportation is not included, responsibility of registrants.

  • Please arrive 20 minutes early for seating.

  • Please click on your desired show to go to reservation page.

  • Please limit class registration to 1 show per school year to allow others an opportunity.

Thank you.

Bobbi Boes