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I'm Bobbi Boes, Founder of The Theater Foundation, Educator and Author.  I am very excited about launching The Nutcracker Project, which will provide music, lyrics, read-alongs and fun facts about The Nutcracker, starting with a Sing-Along version of Tchaikovsky's music. 


Children and students of all ages enjoy this music. That's why I decided to create The Nutcracker Project and share Tchaikovsky's music and my lyrics with others. 

You are welcome to use this music in your home, your classroom, individually or in a group.  Feel free to arrange an in-school, in-class or in-home "Sing-Along".  You have my permission to use this music. 
I hope you enjoy your free download of the Original Cast Recording of The Nutcracker Musical.  Enjoy the entire original CD! 

Bobbi Boes

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